Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring some famous Australian explorers.Each week, you’ll rotate through a new task where you’ll need to read a book,listen to a recount or explore a presentation.There are also some tasks to complete as well.Good luck explorers!
Flinders Group - Ella, Sunny, Sonny, Milla, Max, Daniel, Abeera, Aaron A, JosephTasman Group - Millicent, Avi, Irene, Youssef, Mia, Finn, Dante, JedSturt Group - Steph, Aaron O, Soumaya, Henry, Libby, Khush, Okky, Axel,

A – Burke & Wills.
Sit in a circle and read the text as a group. Each person will read one diary entry and then the person on their right will summarise what they read intwo or three sentences.Once completed, you’ll need to choose one of the diary entries and rewrite it in your own words on a piece of paper. Make sure that you include pictures and make it look like it is from the olden days!

B – Captain CookCheck out this presentation all about Captain Cook.CAPTAIN COOKIt won’t be easy though, as there are quite a few difficult words in there!You’ll need to look up at least five words you don’t know in the dictionary andwrite these words and their definitions in your Literacy book.After that you’ll need to create a timeline in your Literacy book,highlighting at least seven important events in Captain Cook’s life.Make sure they are in order!

C – First Contact
Listen to the recording FIRST CONTACTand read what was said in the Transcript section as well.Then write about what you've learnt and draw one part of this first meeting.Captain Cook's boat in the harbour? The Aborigines in the canoe? Sitting down for dinner together?Pay attention to the descriptions in the text and look up online some ideas about things to draw.Google 'first contact australia' and then click on images to get some ideas about the clothes they wore, what the ships looked like and the landscapes.You'll also need to re-write the important parts in your own words and add these to your poster.Use lots of colour and take your time to make it perfect!