Coding for the next level. Let's get you creating games using Scratch.

Remember, good things take time, persistence, organisation and problem solving. Don't just accept that what the says is how things should be; tweak, adjust and make these games your own!

Please see one of the teachers for the MPS school code.
Go to cs-first and click on 'sign in.'
Let the real coding fun begin!

This is a modified racing game made by Max
Sprite 1 controls are up down right and left arrow to tag the player press 0 and it will say ''You're it!''
Sprite 2 controls are w a s and d and press space to tag the other player and your sprite will say ''You're it!''

This is a modified racing game made by Reesh.

Yo, drivers! Today you guys are goin' to drive the red Hennessey Venom GT and a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport!

Click the blue button up at the top left corner and click the green flag to start!
How to drive:

Lamborghini (red car), use - Up arrow to drive forward, use - right arrow to turn right and use - left arrow to turn left!
McLaren (blue car), use - W to drive forward, use - D to turn right and use A to turn left!

Now, the names of the tracks are real! Brands Hatch is from England, Moscow Raceway is from Russia, Indianapolis Motor Speedway is from North America, Albert Park, Melbourne is from Australia and Auto Club Speedway, Fontana is from North America.

Different tracks have different arenas of taking off, so you might have to drive slowly to the start line if you've changed tracks!

Click the Hennessy Venom GT picture in the middle to change tracks!

Hope you enjoy and win those races!

This is a modified race car game made by Tom Finch

Click the green flag to start and the stop button next to the flag to stop.

Use arrows for player one to move forward, left, right and backwards. Press 1 to change the character.

Use a w d s for player 2 to move forward, left, right and backwards. Press 2 to change the character.

See what the button does and wait for the cat to say Go!!!!!

This game was made by Finn. Check back after the holidays for even more updates!