On the 25 April Australians and New Zealanders celebrate the first major battle fought by Australian and New Zealand forces ,at Gallipoli in Turkey, during World War 1. It is a day to remember the courage of the soldiers in this battle and the courage and sacrifice of all men and women who have served their country in times of war. A parade is held in many cities and towns.

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Spend a couple of minutes thinking about the term ‘ANZAC’. In the box below, create a word and picture splash, writing and drawing everything that comes to mind.

Include any questions that you have about the topic.

  • Picture Story Book Lofty's Misson
  • The Last Anzac Alec William Campbell
  • Simpson and his Donkey
  • The Last Post
  • Symbols of ANZAC: Rosemary, red poppies, the 'Eternal Flame', the olive leaf and the selling of the ANZAC badge
  • Celebrating ANZAC day through sport. ( Mateship / Team spirit )

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What is the meaning of ANZAC DAY?

Read individually/discuss

Why do we remember ANZAC DAY?

Australia and New Zealand: the Anzac connection


Defence Force

Anzac Rap

The last ANZAC

The Last Post


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