Our science focus will be: Understanding Living Things
The grade 3 & 4 students will be exploring the topic ‘Plants in action’. They will be making and recording observations of plants as they develop through their life cycle.
Students will develop an appreciation of plants as they investigate the process of pollination and germination, the stages in a plant’s life cycle and environmental conditions that plants need for growth.
Students will be using science journal to record what they see, hear, feel and think. They will learn what to include in a science journal, for example; date, time, written text, measurements, labeled diagrams, photographs, tables and graphs.
They will be constructing a word wall where words and images related to the topic can be displayed as part of developing their understanding and vocabulary.

Students will investigate:
- The outside and inside appearance of a seed when dry and when soaked and what is inside a seed
- Bean seed germination
- Flowers and pollination
- Flowers, fruit and seeds
- Conditions for plant growth
- Plant life cycle