My Place


This semester we are watching My Place - a great ABC TV series that explores Australia’s history and how this country has changed over time.
Each episode is based on the life of a ten year old and the adventures that they have around an old tree in Sydney.
The first episode begins with Laura who learns a valuable lesson about lying in 2008 and then every episode that follows is set a decade before. So the second episode is about Mohamed and his efforts to make the cricket team in 1998. The third is focused on Lily and the challenges she faces as a Vietnamese immigrant.
It goes all the way back to the first meeting of an English boy Sam and an Aboriginal girl Waruwi in 1788 and then even explores life ‘before time’ in Australia.
It’s a fantastic series that really encourages us to consider different viewpoints, the valuable contributions that various cultural groups have made and how our society has changed over the years.
We’ll be using the series in class to explore Australia’s history, as well as to engage in lots of interesting activities and to try out new thinking tools.
Check out the link below for more information…