Ahoy there fellow explorers!
Learning Objective – I will use iMovie or Keynote to create an interesting, engaging and informative biography of a world explorer.

Due date - 9:00am on Monday, the 21st of March ( the start of week 9)
As part of our studies of digital literacies, you’ve got anexciting project ahead of you! Over
explorers_icon (1).gif
explorers_icon (1).gif
the next few weeks, you will need to either work by yourself or with a partner to create an amazing project about a world explorer of your choosing. You will need to create either an awesome Keynote or an amazing iMovie which you will then be able to use to teach the other grade 3s and 4s all about your chosen explorer later on in the term.
First of all, you’ll need to choose an explorer. .It can be one from the video below and we've also included some other suggestions further down. But if you have any other ideas, have a chat to a teacher…

james cook.gif
james cook.gif

Now, your mission is to write a biography all about your chosen explorer. A biography is a non-fiction story all about someone’s life. It includes things like where and when they were born, their childhood, where they explored, the adventures they went on and the things that they’ve achieved.

You’ll need to include things like;
Their full name
Where and when they were born?
What was their early life like?
What did they achieve?
Why are they famous?
What were some problems that they faced?
What are some interesting facts about them?
How did they die?

You’ll also need to include;

Pictures of the explorer
A map of where they went
Pictures of some of the places they travelled to
Pictures of things that they discovered
An e-bibliography

And anything else that you think is important!
You can also find a hard copy of the checklists to stick in your Thinking Book.
Make sure you keep checking this to ensure that you don’t leave anything important out!

Now it’s time to start thinking about which explorer you’d like to research…Here is a great introductory video all about differentEuropean explorers that might give you some ideas...

Explorers of the World





Interactive games

Marco Polo (Italy) – an early Italian explorer who went throughout Asia
Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal) – organised the first expedition to sail around the world
Francis Drake (England) – the second circumnavigation of the world
Christopher Columbus (Italy) – the first European to arrive at America
Zheng He (China) – a Chinese explorer of Asia
Francisco Pizarro (Spain) – a conquistador who conquered South America

Gertrude Bell (England) - explored much of the Middle East
Leif Ericson (Iceland) – an explorer who went to North America almost 1000 years ago
David Livingstone (Scotland) – an explorer of Africa who achieved many things
Vasco de Gama (Portugal) – one of the first Europeans to sail to India
Hernando Cortes (Spain) – a conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and explored Mexico
Roald Amundsen (Norway) – the fist person to reach the South Pole
Amelia Earhart (USA) - first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean
Ibn Battuta (Morocco) – one of the greatest travellers who explored Africa, Asia & Europe
Explorers of Australia

James Cook (England) – explored the Pacific and was the first European to make contact with Aborigines on the east coast of Australia
Matthew Flinders (England) – the first explorer to circumnavigate Australia
Dirk Hartog (The Netherlands) – explored much of Indonesia and was the first European to come to Australia, over 100 years before Cook
Abel Tasman (The Netherlands) – the first European to reach Tasmania and New Zealand
William Dampier (England) – explored much of Australia and was the first man to circumnavigate the world three times
Ludwig Leichhardt (Germany) – explored much of northern and western Australia
samuel de champlain.gif
samuel de champlain.gif

We’ve included some websites below to help you with your research, but feel free to do some exploring on your own and include any others that you come across.Remember that when you are googling, include the phrase "for kids" to find kid-friendly information without too much writing!

Also remember to include all the websites that you get information from in your e-bibliography!


Each week we’ll be having some workshops to explore some ideas about how best to use iMovie and Keynote. You might want to make a slideshow and add in some great music. You might like to create an interactive map and include special widgets to explain parts of your explorer’s journey. You might even like to dress up as the explorer and film yourself talking about your journey. It’s up to you – be creative and take a chance! In the meantime, get researching and start thinking about how you’d like to present your project!

Good luck explorers!