Geography- The world around us.

Google Maps.

My Map project

We are creating an entire Olympics World Map by researching and then presenting the details of an Olympic Country. Please place or pin the following information onto YOUR country:

See the TWO checklists below. Complete the fact sheet

You’ll need to include some of the following information about the country:

the flag and the different bits mean

a map of the country

a map showing where the country is in the world

some information about the capital city and other big towns

the population

major landmarks (mountains, rivers, deserts, etc.)

information about the main tourist attractions

the languages that they speak

the money they use

the national anthem

the native animals

the traditional foods

any famous people

other interesting facts & information about the country

You'll also need to include the following Special Olympic information:

  • Famous Athletes (where they live/grew up, event they compete in, their past)

  • Number of Athletes competing

  • Some information about the medals they have won or their best medal tallies at past Olympics

  • The events the country is best at or hopes to win

  • Any interesting stories or facts about this country and Olympics

  1. Search "Google My Maps"
  2. Click My Maps- then enter these details
  3. Username: 34worldmps@gmail.com
  4. Password: mps12345