Reading Response

Complete the activities below about the book you are reading.

Why did you choose this book to read?

Write a three sentence summary of what you read today. Write the details in order.
If you could ask your main character one question, what would it be?
What character in your story would you like to invite over to your house? Explain why.
If you were the author, what’s one thing you would change about the book and why?

If you wrote a sequel to this book, what title would you give it and why?
Describe the setting in your book including time and place.
You are going to give one character in your book an award for one of their character traits. What would the award be and why?
What lesson do you think the author wants you to learn from reading this story?

Choose task cards to complete about the book you are reading.

  • TASK A – Give your book marks out of ten and explain why you have given it that mark.

  • TASK B – Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story. Colour it in and explain what you’ve drawn.

  • TASK C – Write down any new words you have come across in your book and look them up in the dictionary. Record what each word means.

  • TASK D – Draw a picture of your favourite character in the book. Write down their names and what you have learnt about them from your reading.

  • TASK E – Write about your favourite part in the story and explain why you liked it.

  • TASK F – Write down 5 questions you could ask someone about this book to check whether they have read it carefully.

Reading Tasks 2 - Fiction

Choose an activity to complete about the book you are reading.

TASK G – Draw a picture of one of the settings in the story. Where is this place? What happens there?

TASK H – Copy out 3 sentences or phrases you really liked in this book. Why did you like each of them?

TASK I – Draw a poster to advertise the book you have read. Make sure you write on the poster why people should read it.

TASK J – Find 5 – 10 interesting words in this book. Write down what each one means. Then use each word in a sentence of your own.

TASK K – Draw a picture of one of the characters in the book. Find and copy at least 3 things the writer says about this person.